Who invented pizza?

Pizza is a dish that essentially is bread topped with various ingredients and then baked in the oven. Since time immemorial the peasant and the common folk of Middle East and Mediterranean made it and wad a part of their cuisine. By 997 AD, the PIZZA had appeared in Rome and was much floured in Naples in the 16th century by common people. It was known as Galette flatbread. It was even used by the bakers to ascertain the temperature of the oven and was essentially used as a tool rather than producing the Pizza itself.

Before the discovery of tomatoes, the pizza was covered by white sauce. Later on after the discovery of tomatoes in America in the 17th century, pizzas were covered with tomatoes, cheese, oil and even fish. By the 19th century, a variety of toppings were used for decorating the pizza. Pizza magherita was created in the honor of Margherita of Savoy who was the consort to the Italian Queen and was covered with tomatoes, mozzarella cheese and basil to represent the colors of the Italian flag. Since then a cheese pizza has been termed as a Margherita Pizza.

Various types of foods and breads that are quite similar to the present day Pizza have been found in excavations by the Archeologists. Evidence suggests that it has been done since the Neolithic times and this kind of pizza or bread was even made 3000 years ago.

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