Who invented baseball?

Baseball was played in America since early 1800s using local rules and informal teams. It was considered as America’s “national pastime “by 1860s. Baseball originated from the English game “Rounder”. It was Alexander Joy Cartwright who invented this game of baseball in 1845.  The first set of rules and regulations were framed by Alexander Cartwright along with the members of New York Knickerbocker Club of baseball. In 1953 Cartwright was labeled as the inventor of baseball by the Congress. It was Cartwright who umpired the first U. S. baseball game which his club lost to the New York Baseball Club. He traveled a lot teaching individuals the game invented by him. He started many baseball leauges in Hawaii islands and became a rich and prosperous businessman. He died in 1892.

Facts about baseball:

1. Forbes Field,Pittsburg built in 1909 was the first baseball stadium built in United States.

2. In 1903 the first worldseries was played between Pittsburg and Boston. Boston won the nine game series by 5-3.

3. To mark the 100th anniversary of baseball in1935 The National Baseball Hall Of Fame And Museum was built in Cooperstown, New York.

4. Being superstitious, the famous baseball player Babe Ruth used to keep cabbage leaf under his cap and changed it every two innings.

5.Before1859, baseball umpires sat behind the home plate on padded seats.

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