Who invented computer jump drive?

Dov Moran invented the computer jump drive in 1998. This seems to be the joint venture of M-systems, a firm for which Dov was working and that of Dov Moran. The first flash drive was created in Europe and it was named Disgo. Though it was a quite different device from what we use today. The computer jump drive commonly known as USB flash drive, the form in which we use it today was invented by an Electrical control engineering student of Malaysia, named Pua Khein Seng with a group of engineers who were in business with him. As he was short of money, Pua Khein Seng conveyed his idea of USB to Toshiba. Toshiba became the largest shareholder in the jump drive production.

Many more companies like Trek Technology, M-systems, and Netac started with the production of thumb drive originated by Seng. These companies tried to get patents for their designs. IBM also tried producing and selling USB flash drive in the year 2000.

The USB flash drive has some advantages as well as disadvantages. The storage contents are safe from dust and scratches, the amount of storage space is huge, facilitates easy transportation and the data transfer is easy. The disadvantages of device are that data might get lost, overwriting of data is possible and the device can be lost, stolen or misplaced.

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