Who invented computer mouse?

The first computer mouse called prototype was invented in 1963 by Dr. Douglas  C Engelbart. His invention took place at Stanford Research Institute with the help of his colleague, Bill English. This changed the computer world from a complex machine to a user- friendly machine. The mouse got its name so because of the long wire attached to its rear part which gave it the appearance of the common mouse. The original mouse was made of wood, with two metal wheels and a button. The mouse was first made public in 1968 in the Fall Joint Computer Conference. The mouse got patented on November 17,1970. The mouse was first used in 1973. The original mouse has undergone series of changes to get its current form. The mouse is so common now that it is seen attached to all systems.

Douglas had his own lab at Augmentation Research Center, Stanford Research Institute. He worked hard for almost a time span of 20years creating hypermedia groupware system NLS which included computer mouse and windows too. In 1997, Douglas Engelbart was awarded Lemelson- Mit prize of $ 5,00,000 for his inventions and innovations. This was the world’s largest prize.  His name found place in the National Inventors Hall Of Fame in the year 1998. Presently, Douglas Engelbart is working as the director of his own company Bootstrap Institute in Fremont, California. The company promotes the concept of Collective IQ.

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