Who invented cool whip?

William A. Mitchell invented cool whip in 1967. General Foods Corporation; a brand name in food products where William worked as a food chemist, introduced the product from its Birds Eye department. The product was a great hit. Later the department merged with Kraft Foods and gave the manufacturing rights to the same. Cool whip is deemed as a non – dairy product as only some amount of milk is present in it but there is no cream and milk fats found. It is made of hydrogenated oils, casein, water, palm oils and syrups made of corns. It is consumed mostly in all Canadian regions and all around Unites States.

Cool Whip is used in bakery products such as cakes, tarts, pies and also as toppings in salads, hot chocolate, mousse etc. The cool whip is a substitute for whipped cream and is more preferred in comparison as it is available in frozen form. As per the utility the company produces packages of small and large quantity in forms of tubes, cups, boxes and tubs.

To attract more customers to the product, it is made available in different variants like Vanilla, Strawberry (especially in summers), Fat-free, Sugar-free and also the packs are available in aerosol cans. Aerosol cans are expensive but give competition to the same product of other labels.

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  1. Why put it in a aerosol can? If they dont see the lable they will think your spraing paint in your mouth! then you would be a freak.

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