Who invented DVD?

DVD is abbreviated for “digital video discs” and then “digital versatile discs”. It is a multi –application disc formatted for read only, recordings and rewriteable applications used for video, data storage, games and audio applications. No single person can claim to have invented DVD’S. The DVD evolved from the CD in the year 1993. It is a high density CD. It is not a contribution of any individual, but of many people and many companies. These were developed into two competing proposed formats. The MMCD format which was introduced by Sony, Philip, etc.,  and the SD format which was brought into being by Toshiba, Time Warner, Matsushita and others.

Some IT companies headed by IBM intervened and the companies were made to agree upon a single standard format. Avoiding all confusions and the cost the combined form of DVD came in 1995.

A group of ten companies took the result to their name. They are Sony, Philips, Pioneer, Toshiba, Time Warner, Mitsushita, Mitsubishi, Thomson, Hitachi and JVC. They formed the constorium that developed DVD technology, known as the DVD forum.

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