Who invented peanut butter?

It was in 950 B. C. that first form of peanut butter was found. History suggests many theories as to who invented the peanut butter and when was it invented. Peanut as a crop grew in South America and the Inca civilization consumed it in their food, they used it in the form of a thin paste too. Indians and Chinese had groundnuts which they turned into dry powder. The Africans got peanuts through trade and it was the British and the Spanish who made it common to the different parts of the world. It is believed that in 1840, Rose Davis of New York made the first prototype peanut butter; she got the recipe from her son who saw it being made in Cuba by natives. Some believe that peanut butter was invented out of necessity when a physician from St. Louis had to serve to his patients a high protein diet, to people who could not chew. George A. Bayle was the first to be believed as one who commercially produced and marketed peanut butter.

Dr. George Washington Carver is also acclaimed of inventing peanut butter as he innovated and invented 300 different uses of peanut. Production of peanut butter was patented in 1890 by John Kellog.

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  1. Why does it say that females and children prefer creamy peanut butter and men prefer crunchy. This is not an accurate claim, where were these statistics derived? I am a female and I prefer crunchy peanut butter and have since I was a child.

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