Who invented smarties?

Smarties are sugar coated confectionaries that are extremely popular in United Kingdom, Canada and Germany. The production was started in 1937 by the H.I. Rowntree & Co. and is now manufactured by Nestle. The Rowntree of York, England had earlier been making chocolate means since 1882 and later started the production of the smarties. Smarties are now manufactured in Germany.The smarties came in various colors which were artificially colored. Over concerns that artificial coloring may be harmful for the health of children, Nestle, replaced all synthetic dyes with natural dyes. The new range of smarties that are manufactured by Nestle include the colors yellow, brown, orange, red, green pink and purple and blue, which was added last year.  Even though Smarties are not available in the US, the other popular M&M’s that also sells these sugar coated round oblong candies are quite similar to the smarties that are now produced by Nestle.

Smarties are not only sold in the round oblong variety but there are other variants as well. These are chocolate bars, chocolate and vanilla ice cream with smarties. Another variation contains white chocolate rather than milk chocolate. Smarties were traditionally sold in cylindrical cardboard tubes and had a very colorful cap with an English alphabet.  Some of the lids are very rare and even have become collector’s items.

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