Who invented alcohol?

Invention of alcohol dates back to 10000 years. It was in 6000 to 4000 B.C. that the art of making wine from grapes, viticulture started. The area where the wine was discovered was located somewhere around the Caspian Sea and the Black Sea. The Egyptians history talks of beer in 9000 B. C. It is believed that Sumerians were the first settlers around the fixed agriculture living. With the growth of agriculture the requirement for materials required for alcohol making and fermentation was easily met. The alcohol was consumed during battles, social gatherings and other customs. Generally it was taken to boost up the spirits and make people feel elated and vitalized. The growth of civilization also led to the prosperity of the alcohol business. The wheat- husk was used as a drink by the people of Egypt. For this they were the first to discover straws.

The development of civilization brought importance to the culture of wine consumption. The Mediterranean sector was the one that had flourishing manufacture and trade of wine.

Beer was considered to be a health drink as it was made rich in protein and carbohydrates. This was first produced in Europe. Monasteries also started manufacturing beer for monks and it served as energy drink for them during fasting period.

The alcohol produced now goes through brewing and distillation; giving quality to beers, wines and other alcoholic drinks. The scale of production and transportation has become wide making the supply more convenient.

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  1. A man makes bad decisions and alcohol for those decisions is not a man but an excuse of a man , take responsibility for once. Alcohol does not give u energy but it will get u tired. Face ur problems clear minded , don’t run to the bottle be a man for once in ur life.

  2. It is a logic ..alcohol can make us stronger and bolder ..wilder and make us feel free..but it can also make us stronger and help us in every time that we are so tire ..

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