Who invented American Flag?

No recorded documentation proves that who invented the American Flag and when. But the common stories that support the views regarding invention tell us that George Washington drew a rough sketch and it was Betsy Ross who designed and sewed the first American Flag. The family of Rebecca Young claims Rebecca to be the one to design the same. Another story for the same is of the Chairman of the Continental Navy Board’s Middle Department, Francis Hopkinson who claims to design and make this flag during his service tenure and have been said to pass the bill for the same to the Congress in 1777. The flag resolution of 1777 was passed by the Second Continental Congress of the Marine Committee. The resolution said that the flag would have thirteen alternating stripes and the corner having thirteen stars against blue background each representing thirteen colonies of America.

When the revolutionary war began George Washington and his army fought under The Grand Union Flag that had 13 alternating lines and blue, red and white designs in the corner with different shapes. The Grand Union Flag was quite similar to the present flag.

As of now the American flag has thirteen stripes with red and white color in alternate stripes. In the corner of the flag there is a blue square which has fifty stars placed at equidistance.

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