Who invented chess?

The history of chess is around 1500years old. It was in the sixth century that chess appeared in India with the name of chaturanga meaning four limbs. From India the game spread to Persia and when Arabs conquered Persia it entered the Muslim world and got another name shatranj. From here it traveled to Europe and by thirteenth century chess became a popular game here. The rules that we know today were put in place in Spain and Italy. Though no one exactly knows who invented this game or when did it evolve but now it is a world famous game. The modern tournament game began in the second half of the 19th century .It was in 1886 that the first world chess championship was held. The world of chess witnessed great developments in 20th century. In the 21st century computers are involved for analyzing, consulting and online gaming.

It is one of the most complex games, played with number of combination of moves. Chess might be an easy game to learn but to master it you need years of practice.

The chessboards are available in variety of sizes and designs and most of them are Spain, Germany and Greece made.

Fun facts:

1. The number of combination of moves is much more than the stars in the universe.

2. It is also known as Game Of Kings because originally it was played by noble and upper class people.

3 .The keys got the names- the queen, king, knight, bishop during the middle age when these were the people in rule.

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