Who invented cheerios?

Cheerios was invented in 1941 by Lester Borchardt, an employee of General Mill, Minnesota. Cheerios was the first dish that could be eaten without cooking; it was a ready to eat dish. It was introduced by the same company in the name of cherry oats but as the same name was owned by some other company the name was changed to cheerios in 1945. Cheerios is a famous cereal meal for all age groups, made of round sand colored oats. In 1949 cheerios gained popularity due to two reasons. One is Cheeri O’ Leary- a cartoon character who was the mascot for the brand and second was that Cheerios sponsored a famous radio show The Lone Ranger. Later the company changed the cartoon to a kid who became a super hero after the diet of cheerios.

Cheerios is enjoyed in different flavors in the U.S. but some other countries consume the product in the brand name of Nestle. In England and Ireland the cereal is made richer by adding five more grains to it.

Cereals are also relished in sugary flavor so Cheerios added honey and nuts to season the cereal in 1979 and was a big success which was followed by many more rich sweet flavors. It is believed that cheerios is highly nutritive with no cholesterol at all. To sum up it is a healthy diet to begin a day with.

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  1. My grandfather, Dr. James W. Evans, was the inventor of Cheerios. He was a bio chemist who worked with corn syrup and worked for General Mills as well.

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