Who invented cigarettes?

Cigarettes were invented in 19th century by a French military man during war time. When his only pipe got broken, the soldier took paper from the gunpowder bag that he was carrying, rolled it as a pipe and filled the tobacco inside to smoke. It is also believed that in Seville the beggars used to take out tobacco from the thrown cigars and pipes of the rich people and rolled them into paper to smoke. The tobacco was in use centuries back. Native Americans and people of other countries were consuming it since long back. In U. S. the manufacturing of cigarettes started in 1860 and the famous brand Bull Durham captured 90%of the demand for the product. The cigarettes were then hand made and a costly affair.

In 1883 cigarette making was revolutionized when the automatic rolling machine for cigarette rolling was made by an eighteen year old boy James. This helped in reducing the production cost and increasing the volume of production. The reduced prize brought great demand. In 1952 filtered cigarettes were introduced for health protection reasons.

It has been estimated that almost $150 billion is spent in smoking in a year. Today the market is full of different brands of cigarettes as many are into this business.

Thus unknowingly a multimillion dollar industry took birth which had no end to product production and benefits. The nicotine addiction is harmful to life and brings death to many.

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  1. Why would some one ever invent cigarets they are so bad for your health and people were stupid to add nicotine in it because it makes people addicted to it. My dad smokes and we have been trying for year to get him to stop. I just don’t think he cares about his health and if he dies because of cancer in the lungs our family would have a lot of problems with money. But if he just stop we could afforded a lot more stuff and pay of bills. Our family would be so much happier if know would have created cigarets, tobacco, or pipes. please stop dad

  2. Why would someone invent a cigarte if it causes so many bad things to humanity . I am very bugged by how people could smoke a drug that is not good for them. That’s a thing should be illegal ‼

  3. There’s this thing called freedom of speech and free will which basically means adults and children alike can pretty much do what they want regardless of the consequences. You all need to stop preaching to people to stop smoking when they can make their own decisions without the influence of a random internet stranger.

  4. it says that the cigarette was first made in the 19th century but production of cigarettes started in 1860. Please explain.

  5. I’m doing a talk on anti smoking in school and this website really help me learn who invented smoking which I don’t see the sense in because its really bad for your health but if the person knows the dangers of smoking and still continues then that’s their choice anyway thx for this !

  6. Been smoking for several years and not at no problems to date and well said Beth. To be frankly honest not sure if it really causes bad health , for me it really helps to curve my stress

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