Who invented cubism?

It was in 1908 that Picasso and Braque invented Cubism. It was the most influential movement in the western art which started in Paris but between 1906- 08 it spread its wings to rest of the Europe and America. Picasso was also influenced by the African culture, their highly stylized, brightly colored masks. In the beginning both Picasso and Braque rarely held public exhibitions. Private collectors and local dealers were a good support for their work. This was the reason that very few artists could acknowledge this form of art. Picasso and Braque developed Analytical Cubism working together in 1909- 10. The problem which the artists faced with this art form was that with the time, the outlines of the paintings of Analytical Cubism became dull and blurred.

In 1912, Picasso and Braque invented Synthetic Cubism as they themselves got tired of dull and blurred colors. This helped them revive colors in cubism and in the creation of the collage. By 1913- 14 cubism had its influence in almost whole of Europe. It is believed that with the beginning of the World War I in Europe, cubism came to an end.

Some facts about Pablo Picasso:

1. The name with which Picasso was baptized had 23 words in it.

2. The first word which he spoke was pencil.

3. He drew his first painting at the tender age of 9.

4. In school, Picasso was always punished as he was not good in studies.

5. Picasso signed his first job for 150 Francs per month.

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