Who invented ink?

The first writing ink was invented in 2500 B. C. by the Egyptians and the Chinese. It is believed that this ink was made by mixing carbon with gum. It was then shaped into sticks and dried, before use it was dipped in water and made ready for writing.  Chinese inventor Tien- Lcheu was the one who made the ink by mixing soot from pine trees and lamp oils. Gelatin was also used with this mixture. Gelatin was made from donkey’s skin and musk. The black writing ink gained popularity by 1200 B. C. and people tried changing it by changing the ingredients to natural dyes, adding different colors which they got from minerals and plants. Nutgalls, iron salts and gum were also added to this recipe and it became the standard formula for the writing ink for a number of years.

In India ink commonly called “masi” has been in use since 4th century. This was made of burnt bones, tar and other substances. The oldest form of ink known as India ink or China ink is still used in China and Japan with a small brush. Architects, artists and engineers use this ink because of its bright color and permanence.

Nowadays the markets are full of variety of inks, to name a few marker inks, fluorescent inks, printer inks etc. The facts say that intake of ink causes headache, skin irritation and nervous system break down due to presence of pigments or solvents in ink.

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