Who invented frisbee?

Walter Frederick Morrison invented Frisbee in 1948. But as to where he got this idea from, there is a story behind it. A baking company Frisbie of Bridgeport, Connecticut baked pies to be sold to number of colleges of England. Students after eating pies played with empty pie tins for hours. Many colleges of England claim that the first Frisbee was thrown in their college. The pie tins had the name of the company ‘Frisbie’ embossed on it. It was in 1948 that Walter Morrison who was a building inspector at Los Angeles along with his partner Warren Franscioni invented a frisbie that was made of plastic and flew further and in more accurate manner than an empty pie tin. Though the partnership did not last long, it was after the separation that the Frisbie gained popularity.

The frisbie got popular with the new name Pluto Platter and it became the base for all the other designs of the frisbie. The outer third of the disc was named after its inventor and was called Morrison Slope in the patent. The toy company named Wham-O purchased the rights of design from Morrison and started the production in the year 1957. Morrison got the patent for his invention and earned more than one million dollars as royalty. The name of the product was changed from frisbie to Frisbee to avoid legal problems.

It is believed that more than 20 different games and sports are played using this flying discs and the market is full of different and improved kinds of discs such as ring shaped, indiglow and whistling discs.

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