Who invented football/soccer?

Football is called soccer in USA, Australia, South Africa and Canada. The word soccer is older than word football, but football had more ring to it so “Association Football” was created on October 26th, 1863.  Football is played by men since centuries ago but as to who invented it and to when it was invented is a big question. Football was invented by different people at different places. In America, football was invented by one of the sports writer and a football coach; Walter C. Camp and he picked up the game from the five men team game soccer. Some believe that football is purely a Canadian invented game, made use of for British troops. It is also believed that this game was introduced in the colleges of America by the Canadian Universities. Some others believe it that the game took birth in China where the Chinese played the game by kicking the ball for fun and exercise and when the explorers and travelers visited the place they carried the theory of the game along. Still others believe that it was Romans who started playing the game with the head of a pig, to keep them involved and for fun and later the pig’s head was replaced by a ball.

The people who claim themselves as the inventor of the game are the English. It is believed that a form of such a game was played in England around 11th century. As a proof to this the game was witnessed in the ancient Greece and later in 19th century the game was divided in two streams; the rugby and the soccer.

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