Who invented ice cream?

It was around 4000 years back that royal people maintained their ice houses to keep the food fresh. The accounts do talk about King Nero who sent his servants to the mountains to get snow and enjoyed it with honey, nectar and fruit juices. King Tang of China had ninety four icemen who made ice cream with buffalo milk, sugar and camphor. In the 10th century the Arabs started the use of sugar and syrups instead of honey, they added fruits and nuts to ice cream and also milk to make it a dairy product. In 1600s it is believed that dairy ice cream was served at the royal table by the chef of Charles I of England and a handsome amount was promised to him to keep the recipe a secret.

But by 1649 the cuisine was known to the people. It however continued to be a dish for the rich. Ice cream became popular in 18th century and people cited the first ad for the ice cream in the 1770s. The first shop in the New York city came up in 1777. Thomas Jefferson served his recipe of vanilla ice cream in the White House in 1802. In 1842 Nancy Johnson designed the first hand-crank ice cream maker and got it patented. Mass production of ice cream started in 1851 by Jacob Fussell, the milk dealer. Alfred Cralle introduced mold and ice cream scoop in 1897. Clarence Vogt. invented the first commercial continuous process freezer for ice cream in 1926.

Passing through many phases ice cream has come into the form in which we relish it today.

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