Who invented lipstick?

The evidence show that Mesopotamian women used some kind of color to shade their lips. The first modern lipstick was in market in 1884 in Paris. It was made of castor oil, beeswax and deer tallow and was packed in silk packs. Lipsticks came in form of liquids to be applied with a brush. The first push up tube lipsticks were made in the U. S. in 1930s and it was a big success. In 1930s the actresses in the silent films wore black lipsticks and made it popular. By 1940 the market was full of variety of lipsticks in shades as well as style. By the end of World War II lipsticks became a popular cosmetic among women. Few people are credited to be the inventor of the lipstick. One of them is Hazel Bishop, a chemist by profession who experimented her creations in her mother’s kitchen in 1940s and finally landed inventing a stick of lip color which stayed on lips and did not come off on glasses and cigarettes. Another name which is credited to be the inventor of a lipstick is that of Abu al- Qasim al- Zahrawi, an Islamic scientist and physician.

The lipsticks used today are more hygienic, resistant and medically approved. They now contain aloe Vera, sunscreens, vitamin E and amino acids for long stay and shine. Statistics say that about 80% women use lipsticks and about 20% own 20 lipsticks each but one is advised to be careful about the contents and company of the lipsticks they use as some part of it goes into the body and some ingredients like lead etc are hazardous for health.

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